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Incentive Travel Thailand with experience and a passion for excellence.

Mixing business and pleasure is our forte here at Phuket Events Company. Holding your company’s meetings, conventions, exhibitions and other corporate events on one of South East Asia’s most beautiful islands are made possible with our organizers’ expertise. We organize conferences and seminars at various locations, employing the best of our resources in sourcing appropriate venues, event handling and management and in providing the best quality audio-visual equipment for the day. Our expert team of organizers handles every aspect of your company’s event – from making sure that every minute of the hosting and management of the event is well taken care of, to quality recording of the event’s proceedings and presentations for future keepsake.

We are a full service meeting, incentive, convention and event planning company with over 15 years of experience handling incentive travel for major companies all over the world. More than that, we are a team of dedicated planning professionals equipped with the passion, creativity and know-how to ensure the success of your program. At Phuket Event Company, we are fully aware of just how powerful incentives are, often spelling the difference between good and bad sales and performance, so we can provide you with all the tools and skills in our arsenal to help you motivate your business partners and employees. We believe there are three important steps involved in coming up with successful Incentive Travel Thailand strategies:

First, you should take a closer look at your business organization to determine what is happening inside and out, and to assess the real needs of those you are working with.

Second, you should discuss your business goals with them in detail, even conducting a multimedia presentation if necessary, so you can gain their consent and participation in working towards these together.

Last but not least, you should be able to put strategic rewards in place, which is especially what we at Incentive Travel Phuket can help you with.

Leave it to us at Phuket Event Company to arrange your Incentive Travel in Thailand. Our corporate event planners are all experienced and have the creativity and work ethic to make your event a success. We are particularly experts when it comes to incentive events ideas to make your companies event unique and create a great impact to all the delegates, we find the latest and best deals to make every moment of your trip count. We offer corporate rates, as well, and will do everything we can to tailor the event to your budget while still making it truly extraordinary. Indeed, regardless of your budget and the size and nature of your event, our Incentive Travel Thailand professionals can take care of all your worries for you so you can just sit back and enjoy the event just as you deserve to.

Incentive Travel Thailand Activities

Thailand is a amazing kingdom that caters to many style and taste for your incentive travel objectives, featuring some of the oldest temples in Asia, Incentive Travel Thailand offers remarkable nature activities, and amazing islands to explore. Alongside with a captivating past and a unique background that encompasses delicious Thai food and soothing massage among many other activities, the options are endless, The kingdom of Thailand which is also known as the land of smiles has reputation of beaming any nationality on a holiday that experienced Phuket Tourism.