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As one of the top PCO conference planner in Bangkok Thailand, we are extremely well connected. This allows us to utilize our database of hotels, venue managers, and our in house equipment specialists to bring you the custom-built conference you deserve. Our conference planner in Bangkok knows exactly how to deliver a successful conference that will wow the crowd and establish your company’s rapport.

Organizing a conference to some can be seen as a stressful affair without a Conference planner in Bangkok Thailand. To us at the Phuket events company, it is a distinct passion to provide your business with a stress free conference – because having experts at your side is always ideal. Our conference planner in Bangkok will work hand in hand with you to deliver a customized event which reflects your vision and company goals.

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Choosing the right conference events venue and its facilities is integral to your events’ success. When planning for a conference in Bangkok we always help our clients pick the best locations for their events. We take into account the size of your event as well as its purpose and pick a location according to those factors so your delegates can do before and after the conference if needed.

For those wishing to host an exhibition, Our conference planner in Bangkok has exhibition rooms with state-of-the art equipment at our conference venues in Bangkok Thailand, which is why you can rest assured that they will creatively suit your event’s style.

Our conference planner in Bangkok is well-equipped to take care of everything you need for your conference or exhibition space. From organizing business meetings small or large group conference , we make sure that all your requirements are met while keeping the budget in check.

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If you’re searching for the best conference planner in Bangkok, then you’re in the right place. Our company offers the best services with years of experience! Read on to learn all about what our conference planner in Bangkok has to offer and why you should hire us for your next corporate event.

Who Are We and What Can We Do For You?

Our conference planners in Bangkok coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events. We will be the ones to arrange meeting locations, transportation, among other necessary conference-related details.

Our conference planner in Bangkok responsibilities are to:

  • Meet with their clients to learn the purpose of the conference
  • Plan the conference’s scope, such as its time, location, and cost
  • Suggest hotels and equipment to make sure it meets clients’ requirements
  • Suggest offsite restaurants or special event venue locations
  • Solicit bids and rates from service providers and venues
  • Coordinate transportation required for all delegates
  • Monitor all activities that happen before, during, and after the conference to ensure the clients and their attendees are satisfied. We provide logistics services during the event, from registering the attendees down to organizing equipment
  • Review all event-related bills after the conference to ensure fair rates and approve of all the payments for their client to pay

While there are other companies that offer similar conference organization services, our conference planner in Bangkok goes a step further. These are just some of the factors that give us the edge to ensure your conference’s success:

Experienced Conference Planners

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Our conference planner in Bangkok has been around for over 30 years, working with businesses all over the world for its conference planning needs. We have a well-trained team to plan and handle all types of conferences, no matter how big or small.

Our conference planner in Bangkok team members goes through appropriate training and has the experience to make sure the entire program runs smoothly. You won’t have to worry about anything before, during, and after the conference, as it will be taken care of.

Conference Equipment

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Our company has a complete database of venues and service providers from reputable hotels, restaurants, special events venues, and other service providers. In terms of audio-visual equipment and devices, clients will only receive the best and latest technology for your audio, visual lighting, staging, and presentation needs.

Our conference planner in Bangkok are equipped with the latest technology, from high-spec projectors with any type of screen size variation, voting system, and a digital discussion system. With all these state-of-the-line equipment, you can present excellently while your attendees can fully listen and understand the message you want to convey.

Our team will select the best equipment suitable for your presentation needs to ensure a smooth program with no technical problems coming your way.

Multiple Conference Rooms

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Because of years of experience, we have an extensive portfolio of hotels and suppliers you can choose from. Another huge plus is that you will get the quotations at corporate rates from the businesses in our network.

There are multiple conferences or break-out rooms that come in different sizes and designs, all based on the conference size and atmosphere you’d like to set.

If you’re presenting or holding a meeting to a smaller group, you can select within our venues, which offer break-out rooms for better concentration.

If you have a larger audience, there are bigger conference rooms we can offer, spacious enough to fit everyone comfortably.

Accommodating All Your Needs

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Our conference planners in Bangkok have the experience to help you choose the perfect location and supply all necessary equipment and devices, with everything done in-house. All of the client’s event-related needs will be met, from materials to logistics. From seamless planning to running the show for you on event day, we’ve got it covered.

One of the most notable services we offer is how we can provide for both you and your attendees’ needs.

If attendees speak and understand different languages, we offer the reputable Translation System and the Digital Discussion System. This allows everyone to understand the message being conveyed throughout the conference in their own language, so there are no more barriers.

All of the attendees will be given a wireless headphone receiver with a channel selector, so they can choose the language they prefer. That way, they can understand and discuss the topic, understanding the full scope of the conference.

What’s Included In Our Service Conference Organization In Bangkok?

Beyond the benefits mentioned above, what should you expect when you choose us for a service conference organization in Bangkok? Here are what’s included in our packages and what you can receive when working with us for your next conference:

  1. Get Quoted at Corporate Rates

We know how the budget is an important matter, which is why we offer our affordable rates. You can ask us for a quotation and we’ll do our best to work within your budget.

All of our networks offer corporate rates so you can save for other business necessities. You won’t need to worry about going over budget, as our clients get their money’s worth with the location and equipment, as well as our services.

  1. Large Database of Hotels and Off-Site Locations

As mentioned, we have one of the largest databases of hotels, restaurants, and other special event venues all at your fingertips. All of the locations have spacious conference and break-out rooms for everyone’s comfort and convenience, with all equipment covered by our company.

You won’t have to think about buying or renting anything else, as we will take care of providing all the audio-visual devices and equipment you need. We own a wide array of advanced systems and technology to accommodate whatever presentation or conference you have prepared.

  1. All-Inclusive Packages to Save Time and Effort

Our company offers an all-inclusive package and turnkey solutions that include the following:

  • Hotel, meeting, or conference package at corporate prices, including fees for the venue, equipment, and labor
  • Booking the hotel or offsite event venue such as restaurants or special events locations
  • Planning the entire program and setting up for the event. We will also stay throughout the entire conference to make sure everything is going smoothly and as planned
  • Pre and post-tours in Bangkok’s popular attractions.
  • Team building to boost morale in between conference to keep the event light and enjoyable. Attendees will also get to know one another better, strengthening relationships and feeling refreshed for the next part of the conference.
  • Manage all transportation services such as vehicles taking attendees from the airport to their hotel, then to the offsite location, etc.
  • Offsite events before or after the conference, such as welcome cocktail sessions at the Vertigo, and/or dinner in one of Bangkok’s finest restaurants with scrumptious 3-course meals

This list of benefits and services goes on! If you’re planning to hold a conference in the near future, then do consider our company for your service conference organization services.







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