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Convention Event Planner thailandConvention Event Planner thailand

Looking to mix work and pleasure? Phuket in Thailand is a popular travel destination, known as ‘Pearl of the Andaman’. Our Convention Event Planner attracts millions of visitors to its shores and is the sought after tourist site in the region. Our Convention Event Planner  in Phuket can maximize your investment and business. When searching for the perfect spot for the next meeting, event or convention for businesses; let our experienced staff assist in the endeavor. Avail Convention Phuket booking facilities instantly by contacting us over email or a phone call.

Setting up your convention in Thailand is that easy! Choose from our extensive list of Convention Thailand centers to plan your event. In case of any concerns, seek benefit of consulting our Convention Event Planner experts. We are specialist convention organizers with the ability to arrange for services end facilities like airport shuttle transport, hotel arrangements or even traveling to event venue for dining and entertainment. Our Convention Phuket offer exclusive packages for conference hires and meeting room rentals. The arrangement and services provisions are offered based on business requirements.

Audio Facility – Convention Event Planner

Our professional team of special event and Convention Thailand organizers will arrange for all interpreting equipment providing extensive wireless language distribution equipment. The infrared transmission device on offer caters to a variety of languages simultaneously. Infrared clip on system ensure delegates can move uninterrupted with increased sound quality in the Convention Phuket space. The meeting area can be used more efficiently with superior features like easy-to-use control systems, low power consumptions for extended battery life, comfortable headphones as well as high volume in Convention Phuket rooms for enhanced intelligibility.

The microphones can be easily used by two delegates with the facility to ‘plug-in’ with two different languages. Installing our delegate microphone system at Convention Event Planner center is easy. It offers convenience, control, flexibility with high audio quality. We offer quality contribution units customized to suit your requirements such that individuals or smaller convention groups can listen to, speak and acquire real-time interpretation. Just register a request to speak or receive messages, conduct conversations through intercom facilities in Convention Phuket with the added benefit of voting as well. Moreover, the Convention Event Planner technical supports involves use of suitable interpretation equipment along with delegate microphone system. There’s the benefit of recording audio proceedings for interpreter’s speeches and floor language. These offer extensive coverage of visual aids for presentations. The prospect of easier internet connectivity setup in Convention Thailand centers makes for faster loading and testing of presentations. Our Convention Event Planner can work all your logistical needs to make your event professional.



Visual System – Convention Event Planner

The audio visual equipment includes slide screens and projectors for overhead transparency. The facility of mixing desk, powered speakers along with lapel and hand held microphones makes for easier data projection and presentation. Benefit of video filming, projection and recording is also a key draw to the Convention Phuket spaces. Video conferencing, hearings and recording discussions of informal meeting was never so accurate and easily archived. Our staff can assist in conducting presentations for multiple events.

Let us schedule and accompany you for the site inspection to provide you a true feel of the PhuketEventCompany hospitality! Do you require assistance to organize fun events and activities for delegates? Simply call our Convention Event Planner  in Phuket; we’ll support you by arranging for several activities that can be a part of the event. We ensure that you and your guests attain the best services, left will lasting ‘good’ memories. Our involvement, commitment and dedication evident from Convention Thailand services we offer. The events we organize add the client’s personal style and details intricately. What you get is a superior mix of work facilities, fun and frolic, the PhuketEventCompany style!