Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility,
CSR Phuket Thailand

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Phuket Thailand





Phuket Event Company prides itself on being one of the active contributors to the society for CSR Phuket Thailand. After all, it is the people who have made us into one of the successful establishments on the island. As a local organization, we are strong believers in Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Phuket Thailand and partake in every activity there is whenever given a chance. These activities aim at contributing positively and effectively to Phuket’s environment, people, education and heritage that creates a positive impact on society.


Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Phuket Thailand
With our involvement in Phuket’s social and environmental development, we help this island of sun, sand and surf enhance its economic performance. We are wizards at organizing your company event that offers unique activities to create great self and motivation. We get you involve with managing these relationships to produce an overall positive impact on society to make real connections and ultimately to  be remembered for good.

Rest assured that the island’s welfare is handled by the best in the business. In return, Phuket Event Company requests that the community continue showing its love, support and care. Lets work together and provide more opportunities to lend a helping hand.