Hotel Wedding Phuket

While many of these Hotel Wedding Phuket and resorts offer their own wedding services planned by their own in house wedding organisers, most of them have limiting options from their packages, the flowers are dill, decorations are old fashioned and now well thought out.

Wedding Planning Service

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This is where we come in. We work closely with the hotel wedding planners to help offer options outside of the hotel. Whether this means having a having your hen party on a helipad, or having lavish decorations within the banquet hall – we make sure no concession is made at the expense of your dream Hotel Wedding in Phuket.

When it comes to Hotel Wedding in Phuket, you have a lot of options. Many couples are choosing wedding packages at luxurious 5-star resorts with wedding planners that offer everything you need. While this is the simplest way to go, the cookie cutter plan may not always be your best wedding plan in Phuket.

Hotel Wedding Options

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As South East Asia’s leading tourist destination, Phuket is not short of luxurious hotels. From five-star hotels under leading hotel chains, to more intimate boutique hotels, when considering your hotel wedding in Phuket, you’d have plenty to choose from a Hotel Wedding in Phuket.

When you contact us for Hotel Wedding in Phuket, we will advise on all options available to you and help create a wedding package that best suits your needs and wants, rather than limiting you to what’s included in the hotel package. Whether opting for a wedding package or planning your wedding independently.

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We want to ensure every aspect of your wedding day is nothing short of perfect; from the ceremony location through to booking an exclusive suite for after party celebrations later that night. We also specialise in wedding equipment, so you can find the perfect wedding chairs and decor for your wedding ceremony.

Experienced Team of Planners

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We have wedding planners available to help with hotel wedding planning in Phuket at all levels of services. With years experience, our wedding planners are well versed in all aspects of wedding planning and will be delighted to offer their expertise when planning your Phuket wedding. To view our wedding packages or request a quote please visit our website.

Off Site Wedding Locations

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You can decide to hold your wedding in a church, the beach, an special events venues or even a villa. It will cost more to produce, but it will certainly provide you greater exclusivity and seclusion. Hotel wedding sites bring a number of accessibility, value-added amenities and other aids that you just can’t get with other types of venues.

Advantages of Hotel Weddings

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Hotel Wedding in Phuket can be exceptionally advantageous since they offer a place to stay once the wedding is done. This can also be a safer option after a night of celebrating. We work with prestigious venues for our Hotel Wedding in Phuket and we also offer corporate rates for big groups. Contact us for a bespoke wedding package now.


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