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A Combination of Tradition, Beauty, and Elegance

Our Indian Wedding Planner in Phuket can make your wedding picture perfect.
 Consider a unique way to say ‘I do’ in exotic locates surrounded by well wishes of your loves ones. Choose to have a destination wedding in Thailand and exchange nuptial vows in a stunning ambiance. The Indian Wedding is usually an enriching experience with the mix of traditions and rituals forming a part of the most coveted occasion. Perhaps the Indian bride and groom would love to have a themed wedding amidst white sand beaches or in exquisite flower gardens. The Indian wedding planner Thailand Company offers plenty of locations to choose from the land of smiles. The Indian Weddings is lot more than the grand affair. It is not only the reunion of two people but their families, values and culture. The wedding is grandeur consisting of numerous rituals based on the ancient Vedas and Holy Scriptures. These are usually performed from the time when the knot has been finalized and made official. The Indian wedding planner Bangkok facilities will conduct the foremost ceremony of exchanging rings between the couple as is a custom prominent in the Hindu marriage. Whether you look for Sindhi or even Punjabi kind of nuptial ceremony, we are here to help. Our expert Indian wedding planner Thailand let you focus on the day, while we carry out all the proceedings with ease.

Our Phuket Event Company organizers are adept with the traditional Indian style of wedding vows and other traditions involved in the ceremony. The event of the bride collecting gifts fromthe groom’s family and seeking their blessings is a traditional affair involving both the families coming together prior to the wedding. While the family showers their blessings on the couple,the occasion is followed by a function or even a cocktail party. Get the most of special events with the expert services of Indian wedding planner Phuket. We realize that the traditions entangle love and purity that can only be bestowed by proper planning. Leave your special events for us to organize at the mystical destination Thailand, one of the most romantic and charming places to visit. As an Indian wedding planner based in Phuket & Bangkok we look into the decorations and design of the theme, keeping the traditions intact. The event will involve proper indoor and outdoor setup for the alluring scenic view to make the occasion more exotic. The feeling of tying the nuptial knot in the location is surely a dream come true for the couple. With our expert Indian wedding planner Thailand in vicinity get bespoke service to celebrate the joy of marriage. These can be as lavish or simple occasions as you desire.

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Sangeet ceremony celebrates union of the couple by singing and dancing. The custom is evident in traditional Marwari, Gujarati, Punjabi wedding hosted by both families. The fun event of applying Mehendi is mainly a function for the ladies that can be accompanied with the Sangeet as well. Phuket Event Company will organize the Mehendi (Henna) ceremony that is traditional Indian color of joy, celebrations and auspiciousness. The custom signifies the strong bond of love between the couple.The day of the marriage is a gala ritual that involves the bride wearing the wedding attire, adorning gold jewelry for her husband. Indian wedding planner Thailand conducts the event preparations for the day. The man comes over to the venue where the stage is set and the couple put garlands around each other’s neck. The custom is followed by the sacred pheras in which the couple has to encircle the holy fire while the priest enchants holy hymns. This is accompanied by the seven promises that the bride and groom make to each other for a prosperous and happily wedded life ahead. Indian wedding planner Phuket remain witness to the union of love bound by these promises and beautiful traditions. Destination weddings require careful research and planning, so couples should know whom to trust. Our Phuket Event Company experts have successfully conducted Indian weddings at the remarkable location where language is never a barrier. We carry out every part of the event right from picking up the guests from airport, shuttling guests from the hotel to the venue and offer our chauffeur services for the bride and groom’s travel after the auspicious Vidai. We at Indian wedding planner Thailand understands the emotions of the occasion while ensuring that every aspect of the event is solemnly organized that forever remain fresh in the memories.

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