Live Bands for Hire in Bangkok

We have various bands for hire for your event in Bangkok . We have live bands for hire who will arrive and set up during your event. The live bands for hire in Bangkok will play as long as needed and the group has a wide variety of music styles to choose from.










Individual Live Musicians 

We have live bands who can perform any style of live music that you might need. We have different options for bands such as Soloist, Duo band, Trio, Quartet, Cover Bands, and more…

Live Band Most Popular Sound

Our most popular bands we hire out plays music that consists of well-known pop cover version bossa nova, jazz bands, and pop and rock songs.

The live band for hire can bring their own gear, but you do need to provide a sound system and we will coordinate with you about their set up.

Music They Play

We have live bands for hire in Bangkok that offer a live music style from almost any type of live music genre, live band for hire which cover live pop to live rock. Often we have live jazz bands for hire, pop bands, live blues bands or live 60s and 70s music bands available. The live band can play a variety of songs from their musical catalogue, taking requests from the audience during the live event.

Often we have live bands for hire who can perform many cover versions of modern popular live music hits live. We find this live format is very popular with live event organizers who want live pop bands or live pop artists for hire to perform live during their live events.

We have different live bands for hire which may play pop covers, rock, blues or any other moodier style of live music that you might need for your live band entertainment requirements. The live bands for hire in Bangkok are available to play live during your event and can also do outdoor events, outdoor festivals or outdoor concerts.

Make sure nothing gets in the way of how you want your ideal event day to be. Most individuals put a lot more effort into decorations and food arrangements, which is understandable, but having a highly experienced band on stage will invigorate your audience and cause them to be livelier and more enthusiastic throughout the performance.

If you want live music during your live event we can help you with live band for hire in Bangkok . For all inquiries regarding live bands for hire contact us today!

Live Bands For Hire In Bangkok: “We Have The Right Band For You” There is a wide range of bands and musicians hiring that you can hire for your events bands in Bangkok . If you are planning to organize an event then the biggest nightmare is to find bands that will be able to play all night. If you like listening to music especially live bands but don’t have bands to perform live music for your events, don’t worry as bands are available for hire.

Hire the best bands from us for your event and party bands.

If you want bands that can play all night, bands for events in Bangkok or bands for private parties at your place or bands to play live music during dinner time then you have come to the right place as bands are here to help.

Here’s how hiring bands from us will help- bands perform live throughout your event so they will entertain. However, if you want a band that can only play a specific genre all night long, it is critical that you engage bands with skilled musicians who have adequate musical abilities.

We have bands that can play any kind of music and bands that cover a specific genre only. It is up to you to choose bands that can cover your favorite bands songs. If you are looking for bands in bangkok, bands in phuket or bands in chiang mai then contact us at Phuket Event Company and we will supply bands with professional background to play live music at your event, party or wedding bands in phuket.

We have bands available for all types of occasions bands in bangkok, bands in chiang mai, bands in phuket and bands in thailand . All these bands are professional bands that can play covers as well as some new songs on their own. We have the best bands from the industry and specialise mainly on wedding bands and cover bands to perform at events. If you want us to find some other band then we will be happy to do so for you.

All our bands and musicians are very friendly and professional and can do great jobs with your event or party.

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