15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively

There’s a lot that goes into organising an event and whether it’s a wedding or meeting, there will be some things you don’t think of. Our list is chock full of tips you’ll need to know to help make your event the success it deserves to be… Ready for this? Follow our 15 secrets below!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively budget

1. Set a budget

When you are organising an event the first and most important thing you should do before beginning to plan an event is to create a budget. Everything from the cost of decorations and food to the color motif of your tablecloths can be factored in. If this hasn’t been given enough attention, finances may go out of control quickly. Read more about how to set your budget for events here 

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively work out when you need what

2. Work out when you need it

Work out the dates and times of when everything will happen ahead of time. This can include figuring out when registration is going to start and end, as well as the time at which the food will be served and finished. Make a list of all events that are scheduled for various timings in chronological order, then go backward from there. This ensures that nothing conflicts with other parts of the day when you are organising an event!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively who is doing what

3. Who’s doing what?

Once you know when everything is going down, begin making a list of who will be responsible for what. This is especially beneficial if you’re coordinating an event with someone else or your company’s success relies on others. Make sure you’ve stated clearly that they are in charge of accomplishing these tasks.

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively plan backwards

4. Plan backwards!

When you are organising an event it’s similar to working out your schedule, work back from there and make a list of everything that needs doing before those parts can take place. This ensures no part of your day is overlooked and means there will be last minute surprises (unless you have somebody responsible for the part of the day you’re working towards). Read our article on things you need to know about planning an event backwards for more details.

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively make list

5. Make lists

Lists are your friend! Having lists means everything will go as planned and important details will not be forgotten. For some incredible list-making advice. You can learn how to make a event checklist here.

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively disagreeing

6. Be prepared to compromise

No matter how much time is spent organising an event, there are always going to be last minute changes that can’t be avoided. Being flexible with these changes is the key to making sure the day doesn’t fall flat on its face.

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively emails

7. Be prepared for lots of emails

People not responding quickly to inquiries is by far one of the most typical blunders made when it comes to organizing an event. This typically entails many follow-up emails, which can be quite stressful and inconvenient if you’re juggling a lot of things.

To avoid this, make a checklist of all the crucial inquiries and arrange them in order of what has/hasn’t been addressed yet. Then go through these lists systematically until they are complete!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively Details matters

8. Details matter!

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook the little details when organizing an event. Everything, from the linens to the catering to the flowers and entertainment must be carefully assessed before you hand over your cash and entrust them with your trust.

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively keep track

9. Keep track of everything

Tracking everything is critical if you want things to go as planned when you are organising an event. Keeping track of who has purchased tickets, who’s coming and when they’re supposed to arrive is only part of the equation.Keep everything in one location so that you know how many things need to be done and what needs to be checked at different times of the day or night!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively focus

10. Get your head in the game!

This is vital whether you’re hosting your first event or a hundred. Getting excited before an event will naturally stir up emotions in others, so make sure you spread the joy! You should also check out our top strategies for giving your event traction to discover how to get fascinating individuals talking about your next gathering.

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively reflect on what went well

11. Reflect on what went well

Reflecting on your event is super important if you want to be able to learn from mistakes, improve future events and make sure nothing slips through the cracks next time! We know, easier said than done when you are doing event management. Read our blog post here about event post mortem for some more tips

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively ask for help

12. Know when to ask for help

Even if it’s only for the sake of pride, when you are organising an event seeking assistance when you need it is vital. It’s also important to know when to seek help; whether it’s asking a friend or family member to be the one who double-checks everything is ready before the doors open or hiring someone else to speak on your behalf at an event, Knowing what you’re great at is crucial in ensuring things are completed to the best of your ability later!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively stay positive

13. Relax! You did good.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to how not to totally botch your next event. Remember, everyone makes errors when organising an event or a meeting, and if you do (which is inevitable), accept that this is correct and learn from it. And then give yourself a big hug for how wonderfully you’ve planned everything else!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively stress

14 Know when to stop stressing

This is something that we understand is more difficult to do than it appears, but seriously, organizing an event necessitates some time for oneself! Work may be hectic at times, so you must make sure you look after yourself as well.

If you feel overwhelmed when you are organising an event, try putting your phone on silent and meditating for half an hour each day. And, if everything else fails, keep in mind that they want you to succeed, so don’t despair!

15 Secrets to Organising an Event Effectively contacts

15. Valuable Contacts

Last but definitely not least, When you are organising an event you’ve just made some great contacts and it’s so important to cherish these! Whether it’s the suppliers/vendors who helped make your event possible or even if it’s somebody you met on the door of an event in the past. Not only will this be good in terms of networking and future collaborations, but having a network is super powerful when looking for new opportunities down the line too.

If you’re struggling with any part of organising an event we know that there are heaps of people out there who have been through the same thing, so why not get in touch with us today? Or better yet – share your experiences by leaving us a comment below! Good luck!

Don’t forget to let us know how it goes! We would love to hear from you and just be able to connect with you and your success story will inspire others who may need a little push in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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