Proposing in Phuket

Surprise your loved one with the most romantic thing to do by proposing in Phuket and take her/him on a romantic picnic while viewing the beautiful serene sunset.

We pack a comfy blanket and pillows, a picnic basket filled with delicious goodies, wine and refreshing drinks. All you need is your romantic mood while our staff take care of the rest. We will pick you up and set up your picnic at one of Phuket’s most breathtaking locations. This package is very popular for couples who wants to propose to their love one

Since we began, many others have tried to imitate us, but they don’t live up to the standard we set because they lack the foundation and creativity that we do.

Propose in Phuket’s picnic package is the way to go, whether you are looking to do this on a secluded beach location or an exotic private island. We have done both types of over the years and can assist you with all your proposing needs on Phuket Thailand.

If you have an idea on how you are proposing in Phuket and need assistance, our staff will assist you with any ideas you have and help you make it a reality.

Romantic Picnic Package (propose to your partner)

Propose to your love one with a Propose in Phuket’s Romantic Picnic Package. You will be taken to one of Phuket’s most beautiful locations, where you can have a picnic with your loved one while watching the sun set.

Our staff prepare everything for you including fine wines and delicious food. You can propose to your loved one while enjoying the romantic atmosphere of Propose in Phuket. This is highly recommended and will lead to a wedding 🙂 

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proposing ideas in phuket
proposing ideas in phuket
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Proposing Ideas in Phuket:

Our team can help you propose to your loved ones in Phuket and help you plan every step of this special moment, let us know what flowers and color scheme is appropriate for this occasion and we will make it happen.

Our team is professional, discreet, and inconspicuous at all times. We have assisted many couples in proposing to their partners on Phuket for many years now.

Proposing Ideas #2 :

Our team will give you advice on how to go about proposing to your loved one and also help you compose a touching proposal that will be sure to win her/him over. We can also provide engagement rings and wedding outfits so that everything is perfect for the big day!

Setting up the perfect backdrop:

As professional event planners, we can help you plan a wonderful occasion with your dear one and will assist with everything from flowers and cuisine to décor and photography.

Price starting from THB10,000



Please send us a mail here about your inquiry. If your inquiry is urgent, please use the telephone number listed below to talk to one of our staff members. Otherwise, we will reply by email within 24 hours

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