Responsibilities of MICE Event Planner to deliver a flawless event

The responsibilities of our MICE event planner are to ensure the success of your event through planning, arranging, hosting and promoting events in various venues. Each venue has its own unique space and equipment it comes with usually as a package from the venue. It is essential to be able to identify what is needed additionally at the planning stage of the event so our MICE event planner can make prior arrangements

Our event planner are responsible for providing support to attendees in an area where they can host their event successfully, relax, recharge their batteries or hold informal meetings during breaks within the program schedule or between activities.

The main purpose of meeting facilities are to provide for all of the needs and necessities of your attendees, whether it is food and beverages, audio/visual equipment or other support staff. Meeting facilities for each event may be different than others in terms of quality and service that the venue offer however our MICE event planner can make additional arrangements.

For example: in Hua Hin, venues might find difficulty in obtaining the services required to host large groups; whereas venues in Bangkok would not have such a problem finding 5-star hotels which can accommodate up to 1000+ participants with state-of-the art technology and accommodations for all the delegates.

In addition, venues should meet health & safety requirements; possess adequate infrastructure; and must plan for emergencies well in advance before an event.

When hosting Meetings we will make sure the venue have comfortable furnishings, well-designed workstations and technological essentials including WiFi access throughout the building with no dead zones even when all rooms are fully booked. Meeting locations should have available catering service offering delicious meals throughout the day at flexible hours so that people with different eating habits can choose for themselves.

We will make sure the conference rooms feature practical equipment that makes presentations smooth and easy. They will have a large display screen with a projector, a wireless microphone and projection equipment, multimedia connectivity to laptops or devices all professionally set up for a seamless conference event.

Meeting rooms should also have flip charts and white boards so that ideas can be shared on paper during group sessions. Some facilities may only offer basic equipment, therefore our MICE event planner will ensure that the extra gear required for your event is available.

Each city has its own unique culture, customs and traditions that visitors observe when they conduct business there. Accommodating events in popular destinations often requires us to respect local culture. As MICE event planner it is our responsibility to observe these cultural norms while planning your MICE event.

If needed our event planner are responsible for the advertisement of planned events. We create partnerships with relevant local organisations to promote your event through local media, direct mailing, social media and other online resources.

Our event planner collaborate with hotels in organising welcome parties before guests stay at hotel premises. A MICE manager takes care of each detail of visitors comfort until they leave the city after the completion of their business events at this particular destination.

Events lacks essential elements if they do not have the right staff. Our MICE event planner have been trained to organise business events from scratch. These experts understand what is needed in each case, and know exactly how to coordinate a large number of people so that the event will run smoothly.

Moreover, Our event planner can provide a range of additional services such as online guest registration systems which streamline the entire registration process thereby saving both management and delegate time. Our MICE event planner have a keen understanding of our clients needs and offer tailor-made solutions that meet these requirements efficiently.

Event management requires very advanced skills, with specialists having strong technical knowledge on various aspects related to it. Our MICE event planner are aware of crucial elements that determine the success or failure of every single event including its program structure, venue, accommodation options for delegates, promotion or other aspects related to event logistics. We are capable of building links between different partners so that all their needs are met during the organisation process.

Information provided by professional consultants will help each company identify how best to present itself at an event so that it attracts maximum audience interest while enabling visitors ask questions regarding specific information displayed there. Our MICE event planner provides companies with direct feedback from potential customers as well as invaluable insight into the competition.