Technology and Innovation in Event Management

The events industry has undergone a massive digital transformation in recent years. Event organizers are rapidly adopting innovative technologies and solutions to make their events more engaging, automated, data-driven, and accessible.

From registration systems to virtual platforms, smart event technology is completely changing the face of modern events. Organizers are using technology in creative ways to craft unforgettable attendee experiences and operate events more efficiently.

This article explores some of the most impactful event tech innovations and how they enable organizers to produce next-level events.

Streamlining Registration and Event Management with Technology and Innovation

Smooth, hassle-free registration and event logistics are critical for any successful event. Technology and innovation in event management are at the forefront in providing these cutting edge solutions to help planners streamline these processes:

Event Management Platforms

Robust and feature-rich event management platforms are indispensable for organizing modern events. These all-in-one tools allow you to:

  • Build custom registration pages and forms
  • Manage attendee data
  • Track event analytics
  • Automate communications
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Manage vendors/speakers
  • Create schedules
  • And much more

Popular state-of-the-art platforms include:

  • Bizzabo
  • RainFocus
  • Hubilo
  • Aventri

With a powerful platform, you can execute events brilliantly from start to finish.

Online Registration Systems

Leveraging technology and innovation in event management, online registration systems facilitate the creation of user-friendly registration pages and the collection of attendee data.

  • Eventbrite
  • RegFox
  • RegOnline
  • Eventzilla

These systems integrate seamlessly with your event management platform while offering robust registration capabilities, including:

  • Custom registration forms
  • Promotion via social media
  • Attendee management
  • Waivers and document collection
  • Payment processing
  • Automated confirmations/reminders

Online registration improves efficiency for organizers while providing an optimal experience for attendees.

Enhancing the Attendee Experience

Today’s attendees expect dynamic, interactive, and engaging events. Innovative event technology gives organizers the power to create WOW experiences attendees will remember.

Event Apps

Event apps embody technology and innovation in event management by offering attendees a complete event agenda right on their devices.

  • EventKaddy
  • Guidebook
  • Whova
  • Crowd Compass

These apps include features like:

  • Agenda/schedule
  • Speaker profiles
  • Maps
  • Personalized schedules
  • Gamification
  • Push notifications
  • Live polls
  • Q&A
  • Chat/messaging

Event apps are an easy way to boost attendee engagement and provide a convenient, interactive event experience.

Interactive Tools

Interactive tools demonstrate technology and innovation in event management by promoting active participation, from live voting to Q&A sessions and more:

Tool Key Features
Mentimeter Live polls, quizzes, word clouds
Kahoot Game-based quizzes
Slido Q&A, polls, quizzes
Poll Everywhere Live polls, Q&A, more

These solutions liven up sessions while providing organizers with valuable audience insights.

Smart Badges

In the arena of technology and innovation in event management, smart badges represent a leap forward, enabling automated attendee tracking and data-driven insights:

  • Gain visibility into attendee traffic patterns and interests
  • Track engagement levels
  • Send push notifications straight to attendees’ badges
  • Enable touchless interactions using RFID

Leaders in smart badge tech include solutions like:

  • Intellibadge
  • Omnyway
  • Swapcard
  • Hubilo

Sponsors also appreciate the detailed attendee analytics smart badges provide.


The introduction of gamification to events, a shining example of technology and innovation in event management, has made events more fun and engaging:

  • Earn points or badges for attending sessions
  • Solve puzzles or challenges
  • Compete on event leaderboards
  • Level up based on event activity

Examples of gamification apps are:

  • GooseChase
  • Scavify
  • MeetingPlay

The competitive and rewarding aspects of gamification result in greater attendee motivation and satisfaction.

Immersive Virtual Environments

Cutting-edge virtual venues allow attendees to network or view content together in the same digital space:

  • Spatial
  • Gather
  • Virbela
  • Hopin

These immersive virtual environments make remote attendees feel like they are physically present together. Organizers can get creative with virtual venue design to make online events more collaborative and exciting.

Leveraging Data and Reporting

Data analytics and reporting provide event planners with powerful insights to measure success and improve future events.

Pre-Event Data

Before the event begins, registration system data reveals key details:

  • Number of registrations
  • Demographics
  • Attendee location
  • Session preferences
  • Traffic sources
  • Popular registration periods

Analyzing this pre-event data enables organizers to better anticipate attendee needs.

During the Event

Real-time data during the event sheds light on attendee engagement:

  • Attendance in sessions
  • Interactions with event app
  • Traffic around venue
  • Responses to polls
  • Activity on event website
  • Use of any gamification features

Access to real-time analytics allows organizers to spot and respond to any issues immediately.

Post-Event Metrics

After the event concludes, reporting provides a complete picture of how the event performed:

  • Percentage of target attendance met
  • Total registrations
  • Increase/decrease vs. past events
  • Demographic breakdown
  • Session/sponsor impressions
  • App usage statistics
  • Contest/gamification engagement
  • Survey feedback
  • ROI
  • And more…

Comprehensive post-event data enables in-depth analysis, revealing what worked well (and what didn’t) to inform future event planning.

Innovative reporting platforms like Hubilo, Bizzabo, and Cvent make gathering actionable event analytics simple.

Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual and hybrid events greatly expand access and engagement reach. They represent exciting new frontiers for the events industry.

Virtual Platforms

Robust virtual event platforms enable organizers to seamlessly broadcast events online:

  • Hopin
  • vFairs
  • 6Connex
  • RunTheWorld

Key features include:

  • Multiple virtual “stages”
  • Exhibit halls and networking lounges
  • On-demand and live-streamed content
  • Sponsor promotion
  • Integrated video conferencing
  • Chat and Q&A

With these advanced platforms, remote attendees can now actively participate in events from anywhere.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events combine the best of in-person and virtual experiences:

  • Smaller in-person component focuses on networking and group sessions
  • Main conference is live-streamed for broader virtual participation

Benefits include:

  • Expanded audience reach
  • Improved accessibility
  • Lower venue/travel costs
  • Increased revenue opportunities

Leading examples of platforms enabling seamless hybrid events are INXPO, RunTheWorld, and vFairs.

The hybrid event model continues gaining popularity across all event genres and sizes.

The Cutting Edge and Beyond

The event tech landscape continues advancing rapidly. Here’s a preview of some bleeding edge innovations on the horizon:

  • Artificial intelligence for tasks like automated follow-ups and hyper-personalization
  • Augmented/virtual reality to create immersive branded experiences
  • Blockchain technology for enhanced security and transparency
  • 5G for ultra-fast video and streaming
  • Autonomous vehicles to transport attendees efficiently around large venues
  • Machine learning for predictive analytics and recommendation engines
  • Natural language processing for voice-enabled assistants
  • Robotics to automate logistics like greeting, providing info, serving food & beverages, etc.

The meetings and events industry will look very different in 10 years. Organizers must stay on top of the latest visionary event technology innovations to continually enhance their events and stay ahead of the competition.

Top 24 Tools for events

Tool Key Features Benefits Pricing
Cvent Registration, website, app, survey, email marketing, reporting, sourcing, budgeting, logistics management Robust all-in-one solution $995/month base
Bizzabo Registration, website, app, email marketing, analytics, virtual events User-friendly, great for smaller events $99-$950/month based on features
RainFocus Abstract management, registration, website, sessions, exhibitors, reporting, surveys Ideal for large enterprise events Custom quote only
Whova Event app, website builder, virtual events, networking features Great engagement features $99-$750/month based on attendees
Hubilo Virtual events, networking, exhibitors, gamification, lead generation tools Highly interactive virtual and hybrid events $6,166/year base
Eventbrite Custom registration pages, promotion, payment processing, reporting, tickets Great for public events, free plan available Free-$399/month based on features
Aventri Registration, website, app, email marketing, logistics management, reporting Robust solution good for associations $2,100/year minimum
Intellibadge RFID smart name badges, lead retrieval, gamification, data & analytics Actionable insights into attendee engagement From $600 one-time fee
vFairs Virtual events, expo halls, networking, lead generation, analytics Immersive virtual experiences $1,000-$4,500/event
EventMobi Branded apps, interactive content, messaging, analytics Boost engagement and interactivity $2,500-$5,000/event
InEvent Registration, website, app, event marketing, logistics management Affordable end-to-end solution $1,000/year minimum
Splash Event branding, websites, invitations, surveys, email marketing, design services Beautiful custom event branding and marketing Starts at $1,500/event
Attendify Event apps, attendee engagement tools, interactive content and maps Easy to build event app $1,000-$5,000/event
MeetingPlay Event apps, engagement through gamification Boosts event engagement through fun challenges $1,000-$3,500/event
Socio Event apps, attendee engagement tools, lead retrieval Highly rated, easy to use event app $1,199-$7,499/event
HubSpot Website, email marketing and automation, CRM, reporting, forms Robust marketing solution $50/month starter, 1% fee for payment transactions
Splashthat Registration, email marketing, event website, invitations, surveys Affordable, simple event marketing solution Free – $300/month based on features
Accelevents Registration, logistics, budgeting, website, app, reporting Comprehensive end-to-end event management $1,500/year minimum
Eventzilla Registration, promotion, email marketing, badges, payments, reporting Easy event registration and marketing $39-$299/month based on events
RegFox Registration, badges, payments, promotion, analytics Custom registration forms and reporting $349/month minimum
RegOnline Registration, website, email, promotions, payments, surveys Robust registration management $200/month base
Active Network Online registration, liability waivers, payments, reporting Ideal for races, camps, classes, activities Custom quote
Eventleaf Registration, email, event websites, reporting, surveys Simple, hassle-free event management $29-$249/month based on events
Eventcore Registration, badges, check-in, surveys, data analytics Robust data and actionable insights Custom quote

Key Takeaways

  • Modern event technology empowers organizers to create exceptionally engaging and automated events.
  • Solutions exist to streamline every process – from registration to reporting and everything in between.
  • Data analytics provide valuable attendee insights organizers can use to improve their events.
  • Virtual and hybrid events expand access and engagement reach.
  • Exciting new innovations are arriving that leverage AI, VR, robotics, and more.

Event organizers must embrace technology and innovation to meet attendee expectations and remain relevant. With an array of amazing event tech solutions available today, organizers have endless opportunities to strategically use technology to craft memorable and meaningful event experiences.