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Thousand Hands Dance Show

Thousand Hands Dance performance for Hire, A dance that usually takes place by disabled people, the thousand hand dance expresses thanks and appreciation to their parents. The thousand-hand guan yin (goddess of mercy) dance is a traditional performance and well-known and made popular among disabled Chinese people.

Our mystical performance show of The Thousand Hand Dance Show are now available for bookings . We are one of the leading dance companies based in Thailand.

About The Thousand Hands Dance Performance

The Thousand-Hand Guan Yin Dance is a contemporary dance performed by eight of our present day dancers to modern music, which will wow audiences.

Hire the thousand hands dance show and let your visitors be astounded by what you’ve planned for them. This hands dance was given a contemporary spin by our performing art group. The Thousand Hand Dance Show, our mystical performance spectacle, is now available for event bookings.

The thousand hands dance show Guan Yin Dance, also known as the “Buddhist Dance of the 1,000 Hands,” is a Thai ritual dance that represents a deep connection with nature and awareness of oneself. This ancient art has been recognized by UNESCO as one of Thailand’s intangible community heritage, alongside other traditional arts and culture.

History Of Thousand Hands Dance

The Dance is performed by disabled people in the Ubosot of Wat Phra Singh Temple, Chiang Mai before an image of Goddess Guan Yin. The performance tells the story of a disabled child who was taken to the temple for healing through dance and music. The child expresses thanks and appreciation to his parents in dance forms representing many different parts of the body. It depicts all parts of the body coming together in harmony.

The thousand hands dance show Guan Yin Dance is not only a masterpiece blend of ancient Chinese performance art and modern elements, but also symbolizes our profound thanks to their elders.

A bodhisattva is a Buddhist figure who has achieved enlightenment but refuses to do so in order to assist other people achieve the same level of development. The word may be broken down into two components: Bodhi, which means wisdom, and Sattva, which means essence. A bodhisattva is one who is enlightened and ready to go beyond the cycles of birth and death, but chooses not to do so in order to help others reach the same level of attainment.

The Thousand Hand Dance Show is Suitable for all Events.

Our performing art group gave this traditional hand dance an updated style. Our exquisite performance show of The Thousand Hand Dance Show lasts for 5-7 minutes. Eighty percent of our present cast performs the century-old thousand-hand guan yin (goddess of mercy) dance, which is a modern makeover of a traditional Chinese dance.

Booking The Dance Show

If you have decided booking The Thousand hands dance show Guan Yin Dance, there are several ways you can do this. The easiest way is to contact us via e-mail, phone or fax. You can also send an inquiry form by clicking on the Request More Information button. Hire thousand hands dance show performers for your event today. Please contact us to lock down the date as this performance has high volume bookings. We are available for all sorts of events!




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