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Thai Dance Troupe

Hire Traditional Thai dance troupe performance from us and we can guarantee that you will have an eventful time experiencing the show. Traditional Thai dancers are clothed in flowing patterned sarongs and elegant long-sleeve blouses. Thai traditional dance is a form of art in itself, which many people find interesting and appealing in its own right.

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Thai Dancers Costume

The female dancers are easily recognized by their pleated skirts, which contrast with the men’s trousers, which start below the knee and are tight until the ankles. Within Thailand, our team of females is equipped with rattan fans made on bamboo that are used as props during their performances.

Our dancers utilize these fans to shade themselves in accordance to the music and follow the beat during elegant dances. The traditional Thai fan dance is a smash hit in countries including Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States because of its wonderfully choreographed movements that deliver a wonderful show.

Furthermore, our dancers are from Southern Thailand, where traditional dancing performances are widely appreciated. They’ve been trained under very stringent standards to preserve their skills and avoid being hampered.

For any occasion, including tours, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and more, we provide traditional Thai dance performances. Our experienced traditional Thai dancers are competent in their profession and can handle any size group because to their expertise.

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Reason To Book Thai Dancers

  • Thai dance is a performance that has remained essentially the same for many centuries. It has become part of Thailand’s cultural heritage, which is handed down from one generation to the next.
  • The traditional dancers conserve their culture by making it a lifetime career choice to learn this mystical dance.
  • Thai dancers are the best way to introduce Thai culture to foreigners, specially if you are organizing a Thai theme event.
  • Dancers perform in various places ranging from festivals and tourist attractions, company events, hotels, etc. They have ample experience of performing worldwide along with the most sought after dance troupes in Thailand.
  • The dancers can be hired for Buddhists ceremonies or they can also take part in academic seminars or corporate workshops where traditional dance is included as entertainment or educational aspect. This will allow your guests to get an insight into Thai culture through this beautiful traditional performance.
  • You can book Thai dancers for your next dinner party or corporate get together and let them perform at your event while you sit back and enjoy their performance. Each dancer performs individually but it is usual for them all to come together towards the end of the dance when they perform a series of synchronized moves before going their separate ways again. This looks very elegant and pleasing to watch.

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This art form of thai dance was historically done in the royal court, the ladies dresses with long brass fingernails and the dancers wear their hair loose to show off their slender waist and necks. The Traditional Thai dancers from Thailand Dance Living Art also perform modern dances where they make extensive use of limited props such as fans, vases, dresses and handkerchiefs to illustrate a story through dance movements.

Thai dance has many styles including Traditional Thai, Traditional Lanna, Traditional Northern Style, Modern Traditional Well known as Ballroom Thai, Traditional New Style and Traditional Classical and some of the performance of the show.

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Traditional thai dancing is similar to classical ballet but of course has its own orientated- from traditional culture. Thai dance started from shadow puppet play shows then transformed into the drama plays.

In 1767 Chao Fa Chai Suparb created a new form of dancing called “Ramakien”. In this period King Rama V had changed the way of performing by adding more architecture elements such as pillars and porches to create a palace atmosphere.

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History of Thai Dance Shows

From 1932 -1942 Thailand were under Japanese rule and Thai dancers was forbidden by Japanese administration because they believed that it would affect Japanese culture so banned all forms of Traditional Thai dance. Traditional dancing was still performed during this period but hidden from the public view because of fear that it would be banned again. Traditional Thai dance regained its status after World War 2 ended and Traditional Thai dancing is now one of Thailand’s most treasured art forms.

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With their lovely movements, costumes, and stunning headdresses, traditional thai dancers will breathe life into your next party with their beautiful dancing, fashions, and headdresses. Contact us today to book your show!

What we provide for the Thai Dance Show?

When you hire us, We provide all the necessary equipment for the traditional thai dancers to perform at your next event with their beautiful costumes, accessories, and headdresses.

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Contact us today to book your show! Hire Traditional Thai dance performance from us now! Call the number below this page or on our contact page.

Traditional Thai Dancers in Thailand, Phuket Event Company has various thai style classical dancer performance and thai drum performance.

Here are some example of the show and performance time:

Traditional Thai Dance Show Examples

Four Regions Thai Cultural Show with Live Thai Music Band
1. Naree Sri Nakhon Dance
2. Tept Nimit Dance
3. Kinnaree Len Nam Dance
4. The Satchatree Dance
5. The Candle Dance

Traditional Thai Show with Live Thai Music Band
1 Ram Manorah Tai
2 Ramayana Show
3 Tavee Sri Sachanalai Dance
4 The Tin Mining Dance
5 The Lob Bu Ri Dance


Pong Lang Folk Dance with Live Thai Musicians
1. Naree Sri E-San Dance
2. Roo Am Jab Krab Dance
3. Serng Saow Phuthai
4. Serng ka Po Dance
5. Kinnaree Leannam Dance
6. Bam Boo Dance


Colourful Asian Show (Modern Dance) CD
1. Patanarueta – Indian Dance
2. Chinese Fan Dance
3. The Korean Drum Dance
4. Si Ngon Pole – Vietnamese Dance
5. The Faro Egypt Dance
6. Chawa – Indonesian Dance
7. Amazing Thailand

We have a wide range of alternative Thai dance performances, both conventional Thai dance and contemporary reinventions of traditional Thai folk dance performances. Contact us to book our artist for your event :

We also have an amazing belly dancers for hire, no party too big or small. contact us for more details.


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