Wedding Testimonials in Phuket

My husband and I met in 2006 on Patong Beach. He was on a corporate retreat, and I, on holiday with my best friend. We bumped into each other on the beach, and have been inseparable ever since. And so it was only right to have our wedding where it all began, here, in the same sand. We had our ceremony in February. Phuket Wedding and Events Company did a wonderful job in securing a nice quiet spot. We had a beautiful archway where we took our vows, everything from the hotel to the beach went without a glitch, and well, I guess the photographs only captured half the magic. Still, it was beautiful. Just like I’ve always imagined my big day to be! We will be back for our honeymoon soon !

Susan Francon, Michigan

We had our wedding underwater and I am proud to say that we must be the only ones in our hometown who did! My wife and I are avid divers. Phuket has always been our ‘secret getaway’. I think we’ve always wanted to have our wedding underwater, we just didn’t know it was in fact, so possible! It was one of a kind! Phuket Wedding and Events Company did a fantastic job in making sure that everything went smoothly. They helped organize a couple of practice dives so that we’d be familiar with the process on the day itself. I really don’t know how they put it all together for us, but I’m glad they did! Thank you for making our dream wedding a reality, and we’re sure to see you when we come down for our next diving trip!

Patrick Williamson, Queensland, Australia

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