Fire Dancer for hire

We engage in the management of some of Thailand’s top fire performers, and some have been invited to appear at world events because their performances are so amazing that clients booked them in the United States, Europe, and Singapore.

Hiring a Fire Twirler-Dancer for business and private parties is an excellent method to wow your visitors. In fascinating and elegant ways, balls of fire are manipulated around the body. The curiosity people have with fire makes this all the more appealing to guests. It’s the harmony between beauty and danger that gives fire dancing its intrigue.

When our skilled Fire Dancer performs, he or she creates a mystical ambience. The motion of the fire and the dancer come together to create what is perhaps one of the most beautiful performance arts in the world.

Fire Dancing is unquestionably worth considering for your celebration. Create the magic, make a memory, and leave visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Fire Eating refers to putting a fire at the end of your mouth and then extinguishing it with water, saliva or air. Fire Breathing is actually blowing out the fire in your mouth without choking. Fire Dancing has become very popular in different kinds of events such as private parties and corporate events.

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We handle the finest fire performers and troops in Thailand, who have won talent show competitions. One of our best performer name Snow knows how to mesmerizing his audience, His shows have been held at circuses, variety performances, galas, opening ceremonies, amusement parks, corporate gatherings, clubs, weddings and other special events.He has performed in over 500 shows all across the world, including solo performances and special events.

He performs fire juggling, fire poi, jazz dance, and fire theater in his shows. He wants to combine story telling with fire juggling and dancing in a powerful performance that incorporates both. Below are other performers we represent who are both male and female; they’re all fantastic performers.

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We also have LED Dancer shows as alternatives in hotel ballrooms, for venues that does not permit to have open flames. View the videos below and see how we can incorporate your companies logo into the performance.


LED POI. We can incorporate your logo or message.


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