Tent & Marquee Rental

We offer a wide range of marquees and tents for hire from 3×3 meters to 12×25 meters. Please keep in mind that the cost of setting up a marquee varies depending on where it is being put up; if you need us to bring the truck to the precise location, or if you want us to carry the equipment, which will result in extra labor required to set up the marquee.

Another consideration is the ground. It must be level, but if it isn’t, we can help with that. Please include as much specific information about the hotel/venue you want us to set up as possible when you contact us. we also need ample time to set up big marquees.

Marquee Set Up Duration:

It can take anywhere from 23 to 36 hours to set up huge marquees, but if you’re in a hurry we have strategies to speed things up. We may also decorate the marquee with lining and lighting such as chandeliers, fairy lights, and LED lights for an inviting ambience at night. Clear roof and colored roof choices (which are restricted to the size of the marquee) are available for consultation with our staff members.

We offer other equipment rental like portable dance floor, which is made of a metallic frame that is covered with a non-slip rubber mat. Our marquees have side walls and can be used as an enclosed tent if required. The marquees are waterproof, meaning they will keep you dry from rain or shine. Each marquee is made of aluminum poles with steel joints.

Every marquee has a section that can be opened for ventilation, allowing fresh air to come in and circulate freely throughout the marquees. Contact our team if you would like some advice on marquees for hire.

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