Conference Planner (PCO) Phuket & Bangkok Thailand

As a professional Conference Organizer (PCO) our Conference Planner in Phuket and Bangkok Thailand provides a complete set of conference and planning services and offer all the backup you need to make this conference a sensational one for the company.

Our conference planner in Phuket & Bangkok Thailand offer venues with all the resources you require to run a professional conference with all inclusive packages for hotel, conference venue, equipment, lunch and dinner packages and host events in offsite location all at corporate rates, as well as logistics to ensure that the program flow runs smoothly and that all delegates are enjoying themselves.

Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Thailand

As a professional Conference Organizer (PCO) we are known for our innovative conference design and set up ideas to provide you with a professional set up and yet a friendly and welcoming setting. Our conferences set up will give you the space to be inspired! We’ll take care of everything from concept to realisation, for this we work together with you to find out what your expectations are and we will provide all attendees with an inspiring and memorable experience.

Other than conference services Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) offer business functions, seminars, team building exercise and highlight events for your company or organisation. We also host conference arrivals and cocktail functions. Our conference planner in Thailand can also work on transportation to take your delegates to and from the conference area

Besides this, our all-inclusive package can also provide offsite events, tours around Thailand, as well as team-building activities to make the conference fun and productive

Why should you choose us as your conference planner in Thailand? Not only do we have the latest technologies and largest database of offsite locations, but we also have a dedicated team to serve your every need! Learn more about what exactly our conference planner in Bangkok & our conference planner in Krabi Thailand can do to help you with your event

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What We Do?

As a professional Conference Organizer (PCO) our conference planner offer our clients turn key solutions from helping you find the best conference venue, hotel for you to stay and manage your conference event with precision.

Our conference planner will be with you from start to finish, providing you with all the information you’ll need throughout the process, from planning through finalisation.

What Do We Offer?

What sets us apart from the rest? Experience.
As a professional Conference Organizer (PCO) our conference planner in Thailand specialist has been planning and organising conferences for 30 years now, with a hardworking team ready to handle any event. We will plan everything according to your needs, giving you access to the largest database of hotels and offsite locations, and even set up our state-of-the-art equipment for a smooth presentation.

We provide our equipment, utilising the latest technologies and audio-visual devices. Expect high-spec projectors, excellent audio and visual lighting, as well as staging and technology devices with translation systems, voting systems, and a digital discussion system for your delegates. Furthermore, our service providers ensure spacious conference or break-out rooms that will fit all your delegates comfortably!

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What’s included in our Conference Planner PCO Service?

  • A dedicated conference planner who will be with you from planning stage to execution of events on the big day manage the planning and delivery of your conference.
  • Hotel & Conference venue suggestion which you can have corporate rates with our partnering hotels and conference venues.
  • Dedicated Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) on site to make sure nothing slips through the crack on the big day.
  • We will create you a website that you can manage yourself and add information as needed, or our staff may take care of all updates for you.
  • All the resource you need from picking the best conference venues, hotels to stay, equipment needed, conference technicalities, food & beverages, offsite locations, transportation, tours and more

What does our PCO Package include?

  • Collaborating with you to create a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • All of your marketing material, including the invitation and name badge template, is planned and created.
    Prepare welcoming packets for each attendee, such as an agenda, a map, and a welcome letter.
  • Providing meeting management services (such as on-site coordination, equipment set up)
  • Make sure all meeting rooms (if needed) have whiteboards for brainstorming and a screen to project your presentation with.
  • Providing translation services (if needed)
  • Providing audio-visual equipment, including cameras and microphone
  • Providing your group with pre-booked transportation services (such as airport shuttles, local guides for excursions)
  • Coordinating bespoke catering for your guests including delivery and setup.
  • Checking that all meeting rooms are fully equipped with audio visual equipment, a projector, screen, speakers, and internet connection
  • Providing simultaneous language interpretation system.
  • Creating personalised gift bags for your attendees.
  • Business cards, gift certificates, and other goods may all be customised!

Manage Your Conference Event.

  • With a dedicated conference planner and event manager on site, you can be rest assured that your event will run smoothly.
  • Our conference planner in Thailand, who will manage your event from start to finish, providing you with full support throughout the process.
  • We are dedicated to ensuring everything is taken care of so you can focus on your big presentation or keynote speech!
  • Not only do we bring you the best conference venues in Thailand and hotels, but we make your work easier by taking care of all the little details.
  • We will take care of all logistics, including all audio visual, catering arrangements for your delegates, transportation from and to the venues or any other destination, as well as hotel accommodations.

Why Us?

  • Experience. Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) have been organising conferences for 30 years now, and we continue to develop our services because of you! Our conference planner in Thailand will be a point of contact from start to finish, providing you with a one-stop conference service. We only use the best conference venues and hotels for your event, ensuring that you have a smooth planning process and an unforgettable conference with your delegates.
  • We take care of everything during your event so you don’t have to worry about a thing! We are always available if you need help or advice with anything at all. If you want to be free from all the stress that comes with organising an event, allow us to do it for you. Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) handled every type of event imaginable before and there’s nothing left for you to do, you just have to sit back and enjoy it!
  • Our services are completely customisable. Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) can customise the list of our conference planning offerings depending on your needs. We are ready to take of all your conference planning needs.

Conference Venues in Thailand

conference planner phuket bangkok thailand venues conference planner phuket bangkok thailand venues

Phuket Event Company is a leading PCO professional conference company in Thailand, Our conference planner will provide you with an extensive list of the best conference venues in Thailand to choose from and you also get to enjoy the corporate rates that comes along with our services. With our extensive knowledge and long-term contacts with venues across the country, our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) always ensure that these venues are as close to your expectations as possible.

We scout the most perfect accommodation if the conference is being held over the course of a few days and suggest suitable tours and offsite events that strike the perfect balance between business and pleasure. We can create custom-built conferences completely tailored to your needs, preferences and budget. Our conferences can be held in Bangkok, Thailand or any other destination to suit your needs.


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We have a large database of partnering hotels and venues, and we will make certain that your accommodation needs are catered for. Whether you want a luxurious hotel fit for royalty or a beautiful boutique hotel, our team can help you. We understand your preference for different environments may change depending on the type of event being hosted, so we never have a set pattern of accommodation, no matter how big or small the event is. Our team can provide advice on creating a comfortable environment for you and your attendees.

Dedicated Conference Manager 

conference planner phuket bangkok thailand Conference Manager conference planner phuket bangkok thailand Conference Manager

We have a dedicated conference manager to assist you from beginning to the end of the event so you feel assured that your event will be nothing but perfect. Our conference planner offer free comprehensive advice to organising a successful conference and with our vast experience in the industry, we’ll ensure you have all the support needed to host an event flawlessly

With our team on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that we handle it all for you. Whether it’s during the event or before and after, we’ll make sure your expectations are met and exceeded. We understand that organising an event means everything to our clients and we aim to deliver exactly what they want.

Audio Visual Support For Conference

conference planner phuket bangkok thailand av equipment conference planner phuket bangkok thailand av equipment

Our conference planner and in house AV expert will assist you with providing the best quality audio-visual equipment for your conference needs. We have many years of experience working with the latest technology and equipment, so you can be sure that your conference will run smoothly on the big day. Our A/V specialists are always on hand to offer assistance with any aspect of audio-visual requirements for your meeting or event. Our team will take care of everything from the ground up, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Streaming Your Conference

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Our state-of-the-art conference equipment allows you to live video streaming, which enables us to broadcast your event to other locations. If you want others to watch it live as it happens, we can enable them to do so.

Conference Translation System

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Our translation system is world class. We can offer you simultaneous interpretation between any languages of your preference, making it easier for attendees to follow along with your event in real time.

Backdrop, Gifts & Print Materials

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We can design an amazing backdrop that will represent you or your business in a unique way. Unique conference lanyards , bags, and pens will represent you in style. Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) can even provide business gifts of any kind to your guests at special requests. We provide business products as well as corporate materials to those who attended your event.


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We will also take care of it so that you can move from one place to the next with ease and comfort. We provide a number of transportation alternatives.

Full Event Management Support 

conference planner phuket bangkok thailand event management conference planner phuket bangkok thailand event management

We don’t just offer conference event planning, but also events management. This means we handle every aspect of your event, from design and logistics to managing the entire event for you. Our conference planner works with many conference venues across Thailand to bring you the best options for your event. Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) have extensive experience managing conferences, seminars and other meetings as well as large-scale events such as conventions, exhibitions and trade shows.

Our professional Conference Organizer (PCO) is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about organising a conference and give you valuable ideas on how to make the conference successful. Our conference planner in Phuket and Bangkok Thailand contacts has forged over decades and a great reputation with venues across the country, we can help you with your choice. It will be our responsibility to keep your preferences in mind while making the ideal choice for you and your business conference. The room will be appropriate to your needs and size because we always put our attendees first.

Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) handle the details so that there are no snags or oversights during your event. Your experienced conference planner will make sure that everything runs smoothly by being extremely thorough, avoiding any mistakes or omissions. We have served multinational companies and international organisations worldwide, so you can count on our experience to ensure your event will be a success. For you, this means a worry-free event from start to finish.

Phuket Event Company is able to provide you with more than just conference venues. We will ensure your conference venue is decorated to the highest standards and fully prepared for that special conference, gala dinner or awards night. Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) who will be with you every step of the way, from the initial meeting to discuss your desires with our conference planner to full implementation of these aspirations at an event venue in one of Thailand’s most sought-after venues

Our Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) team of staff that we provide are on hand to help you with all your needs, from arranging transportation for delegates to design consultation. We have a vast network of connections and can advise on some top-notch venues to host your conference to planning social events after the conference concludes so your delegates can network in a more relaxed setting. That’s why we are a well-known with a reputation for success and surprising our clients on a regular basis. Our professional services team can work to your guidelines or help you understand what is needed, the choice is always yours but we ensure that all details are taken into account.

Because of our extensive experience in organizing and managing business events, Our conference planner in Thailand knows exactly how to deliver a successful event that will wow the crowd and establish your company’s rapport. Our expert event management team will work hand in hand with you to deliver a customized event which reflects your vision and company goals. As one of the top event management companies in Thailand, we are well connected to the best of the hotels, vendors and our experienced conference planning staff. We had worked with all of the best hotels for years and can vouch for their reliability, loyalty and skill. 

Though it is an exotic haven where sun, sand and sea are world-famous, this Thai island is home to many professional venues where local and international events for all business sectors are welcome. So, consider Thailand for your next conference and get in touch with our conference planners before flying to this piece of heaven so we can have site inspection prepped for you. After all, the perfect event starts with the perfect staff supporting it. 

Get in touch to have a conference organised worry-free!

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Our team building services are designed to help teams develop better communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. We offer a range of team building activities, including outdoor adventures, team challenges, and experiential learning programs. 







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Very well organised incentive event , it has set the benchmark for all others to come, beautiful hotel, amazing AV equipment, efficient organisation support from a very experienced team. They really get involved with the group keeping moral high !
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