Top 10 Ideas to make Meetings & Conference Fun and Productive

Making conference fun and productive is related to the motivation of the people who are attending the meetings. If you can motivate them, then they will be more productive in their work and also contribute effectively for making the meeting enjoyable and fruitful.

You can motivate and engage your employees by conference fun and productive by doing small things like holding ice breakers, where people meet each other and exchange casual conversations which relaxes your team members enabling them to do better work with less stress.

This will also create conference fun and productive and a friendly environment making the atmosphere light-hearted for those who attend it thus creating creativity and quality output from everyone. You can utilize such meetings as networking opportunities for your staffs, where they get an opportunity to talk about themselves and their work experience. This will help them create a positive image about themselves to their bosses and other workers.

This can also be used as an opportunity to make your conference fun and productive by conduct training sessions for your staffs where they learn new skills which will help them perform better, or you can give them review meetings, where they can share information with each other about their work progress thus motivating the group to improve the quality of its output. So these are some ways through which you can make your meetings & conference fun and productive.

The following tips can help in giving you some ideas to make your meetings & conference fun and productive.

1. Ask people to turn off their phones and beepers before the meetings begins, or just put them in silent mode.

2. Everyone come to meetings on time or a few minutes late so there aren’t large gaps of time when one person is left out of the conversation while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Allow them to join the meeting but only after giving instructions that they should leave immediately if anyone else comes into the room while they are sitting in.

To make your conference fun and productive It’s also a good idea to have brief announcements at the beginning of each meeting that give all attendees an opportunity to let everyone know what their status is; that way no one sits in anticipation wondering whether or not they should stay and wait for someone who may never show up.

The meeting host will sometimes wait an extra five minutes before restarting the meeting if people arrive late and it is clear that they are not coming.

3. Create a list of topics or agenda items for each project that includes all relevant information such as: who will present each topic; whether any preparation needs to be done; presentation visuals; potential questions and discussion points; and time estimates for each item (this way, the meeting host can make adjustments in future meetings depending on how much time is taken up by specific topics).

4. Ask everyone’s opinion on how to best handle unexpected issues when they arise because frustration can result if no one ever knows what to do in these situations. On the other hand, it’s important to avoid boring, time-consuming conversations that are repetitive or not productive so you can keep the conference fun and productive

A good way to prevent this is to find out what types of topics can be discussed at the end of meetings (e.g., if there was something new that arose during a meeting, does everyone agree that it’s okay to talk about it briefly as they pack up their things and leave the room?)

5. Ask for an electronic form from team members that allows them to send recommendations or notes from previous meetings before each meeting so that nothing falls through the cracks and all relevant information can be brought up in future discussions. This thoughtful gesture helps everyone feel included because they have a say in every topic to keep the conference fun and productive, even those where they don’t contribute much input.

6. Make sure team members know when and where the meeting will be held, who is hosting it, how long it’s expected to last, etc. so that they can prepare in advance. This also allows them to make sure their schedule is free on the day of the meeting (or at least during its duration) because some people are more flexible than others when it comes to changing their plans at the last minute.

Hosts should ensure that all information about upcoming meetings is posted in a central location where everyone can see it or sent out via email on a set date and time each week/month depending upon availability.

7. It’s always nice for hosts to ask team members what type of refreshments they would like to have at future meetings so that there are no complaints later on. If possible, try to have identical snacks for all group meetings because people tend to feel under-appreciated if they don’t have the same opportunity as everyone else to contribute (food is usually fairly inexpensive and easy to order).

8. Prepare a list of topics ahead of time so that there aren’t any lulls in conversation to have your conference fun and productive; these periods make it harder for attendees to pay attention and remember what was discussed later on.

It’s also helpful if everyone can briefly state where they’re at regarding each topic (e.g., “I’m still waiting on input from Sally”) before moving onto the next item this saves time and allows those who are working on related tasks the chance to coordinate their efforts. Everyone should be given equal time to speak so that they feel heard.

9. If necessary, remind team members ahead of time about any offline activities that will take place during meetings (e.g., how far along someone is with a particular assignment); this helps them prepare for what’s expected of them and facilitates the completion of tasks because everyone knows what’s expected of them.

Sometimes someone will agree to something in one meeting but forget about it by the time the next one rolls around; other times, people may think they’re following through on an assignment only to find out later on that they missed critical steps or deadlines because no one ever told them exactly what to do.

It’s also helpful to make your conference fun and productive if hosts are considerate enough to remove themselves from conversations where sensitive information is being discussed. Think about the last time you overheard someone mention an ex-spouse or a new baby; maybe they didn’t realize how loudly they were speaking but it’s one reason most people go to a private place to have these kinds of conversations in the first place.

10. Finally, if everyone agrees that a meeting is going poorly, hosts should have no qualms about calling it off early so that attendees don’t feel badly about leaving for more important commitments. As long as this behavior is made clear from the very beginning of each session there shouldn’t be any hurt feelings when deadlines are missed because people had to leave unexpectedly.

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How? By adding these Top 10 Ways of having Fun (and productive!) provided by Phuket Event Company. Using these techniques and you can make the most out of these ideas next time you are planning a conference or even create new ideas with more fun approach.