If you live in a beachfront property, then you can be sure that your summer parties will always earn an invitation from the other beach lovers. If like most of us beachgoers, you’re limited to hosting such events during weekends and holidays, then you’ll need all the help available to make it a beach party to remember.

This post lists down top 17 tips for organizing a beach party. Read on and impress your friends by being a creative host!

17: Set the Date and Timing Right

how to Plan a Beach Party

Since you’re beach lovers, weekends and holidays should be enough to celebrate beach events. If by any chance your beach party clashes with other beach parties, then perhaps it’s time for you to invest in a beachfront property so that beach events won’t clash anymore!

16: Party Theme

how to Plan a Beach Party theme

Though summer is the best season for beach parties, such events can also come in handy during fun vacations. Therefore, it would not hurt planning ahead for what you want your beach party theme to be. If you’ve got kids at home who love playing dress-up games then having a ‘beach beauty’ or “bikini” themed party wouldn’t be idea at all. On the other hand, beach games like beach volleyball or beach kickboxing could also be good beach party themes.

15: Proper Beachwear

how to Plan a Beach Party theme beachwear

Having a beach party at home means everyone will be in beachwear so you can easily set up the mood by playing beach music. Nonetheless, it would not hurt to have other outfits on standby because you don’t want to spend your entire day in beachwear – especially if there’s no pool around! So keep some casual clothes nearby just in case the weather gets too hot for comfort.

14: Beach Barbecue Party

how to Plan a Beach Party food

If planning to invite friends over for an outdoor event then having barbecue meat and sides should definitely be on your menu. You can opt for creating your own ice-cream bar instead of the usual beach barbecue fare. Remember to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks!

13: Beach Volleyball Game

how to Plan a Beach Party volleyball game

For beach volleyball enthusiasts, planning to have beach volleyball net set up is a must. Of course beach party guests are more than welcome to join the game as well. If you want to play beach volleyball indoors or if you’re having problems finding beach sand then opt for beach volleyball mats instead – they’re now available at any sports & games store near you!

12: Party Favors for Kids and Guests

how to Plan a Beach Party kids party favours

As much as possible, party favors should be kept small so that beach party guests won’t end up leaving with lots of beach stuffs in tow. Unless your intention is to gift them (in which case, consider beach gift ideas for beach party guests), keeping beach party favors to the minimum is definitely a must.

11: Beach Themed Home Decorations

how to Plan a Beach Party decorations

Beach themed home decorations are quite easy to set up, especially if you’ve got beach paintings hanging on the walls of your beach house. Other beach-inside home dcor ideas include colorful beach towels and paracord & macrame table runners (which can double as nautical décor accents). Keep these beach party essentials in mind when decorating your beach house!

10: Fireworks Display

how to Plan a Beach Party fireworks

If having a fireworks display at a beachside property or an indoor venue sounds like a great idea then consider it done because who doesn’t love a good pyrotechnics show? Best part of beach firework display is that you can even buy beach fireworks at any fireworks store and it won’t hurt your wallet.

9: Beach Games

how to Plan a Beach Party beach games

If beach volleyball sounds like a bit too rigorous of a beach activity, then why not try beach kickboxing instead? The latter will require beach kickboxing mats and beach kicks boxing equipment – but don’t worry; they’re easy to find at fitness & sports equipment stores near you. You can also consider having an “ultimate frisbee” beach party game since this sport isn’t as strenuous as the usual beach volleyball (and more fun too).

8: Stargazing on a Clear Night Sky

how to Plan a Beach Party stargazing

Getting invited for a star gazing event doesn’t happen everyday so make sure you have enough beach chairs, beach blankets and beach lounge chairs set up. Since beach party guests are more than likely to be spending the night at your beach house then make sure you have plenty of beach sleeping bags on hand too! According to science experts, clear skies with minimal light pollution allows for a better viewing experience.

7: Beach Drinking Games

how to Plan a Beach Party drinking games

Drinking games are fun at any beach party but things can get ugly really quickly if you’re not able to keep track of beach drinking game rules. So instead of having other beach party guests judge whether or not someone should go home because they drank too much, why not just stick to beach drinking games that don’t require alcoholic drinks?

6: Playlist Preparation

how to Plan a Beach Party music playlist

Beach party playlists should reflect beach party themes, beach party songs should generally be upbeat to keep beach party guests in high spirits. Beach music is best played at beach parties because of its beach-themed lyrical content. And the last thing you want is your beach house being filled with guilty beach songs!

5: Kids Entertainers

how to Plan a Beach Party kids entertainer

Kids beach entertainers give parents some much needed time off while giving kids an enjoyable experience in return. If interested then consider hiring one or two kids entertainers for just a few hours (make sure you’re aware of their hourly rates). Most beach party entertainers offer discounted packages if you’re planning to book them for several hours just so they can also take care of other beach party event details too.

4: Tiki Torches

how to Plan a Beach Party tiki torch

Tiki torches are beach party necessities because they make beach bonfires possible. You might be tempted to purchase beach tiki lights but torches are the more popular choice since they’re not as pricey (and can burn for several hours too). Beach tiki torches usually come in sets of 12 or more which is great news if you’re planning on having beach bonfire night parties.

3: Beach Party Tunes

how to Plan a Beach Party party tunes

Aside from beach party songs, beach party attendees should also bring their own beach music collections for everyone to enjoy throughout the night. If you plan on having a beach dance party later in the evening then make sure that there’s enough beach dance floor space available for guests! Beach party gatherings usually go late into the night so it wouldn’t hurt to have plenty of beach house lighting ready before the sun goes down.

2: Refreshments

how to Plan a Beach Party refreshments

Prepare refreshing beverages just in case beach guests get thirsty during beach party gatherings. Beach refreshment staples are beach juice boxes, beach house lemonade and pre-mixed beach cocktails – just make sure that there’s enough beach cooler space available first!

1: Keep Your Guests Entertained

how to Plan a Beach Party keep guest entertained

Remember to keep your beach party guests entertained throughout the night because beach parties can definitely go late into the night sometimes. If you’re not sure on what to do then beach day entertainment is always an option – hire one or two beach DJ’s for a few hours (unless if you plan to have them around all day long), set up at least one beach game station to encourage beach game play among guests and don’t forget about outdoor movie screenings (if you’ve got movies)! There’s always something entertaining happening throughout.