MICE Event Planning Tips You Didn’t Know

ok so you are planning a corporate event and looking for planning tips? Get some useful MICE event planning tips here. MICE events can be a pleasure to plan, but it can also be a lot of work so its highly advisable to hire a professional MICE planner so everything will be perfect. But if you think you have what it takes, keep reading since these suggestions can really assist you with planning your MICE event.

It depends on what you are planning for and how much money is going to be involved in the planning phase.

MICE events come in all different shapes and forms depending on what your event entails. If your event is an international conference then there will be a lot more work involved when it comes to inviting people from other countries. You have to take into account their travel plans, line them up with translators who can translate any language barriers that might come up during the conference and organising possible speakers.

These 14 MICE event planning tips should help get you started:

1) What is an MICE event?

MICE is an acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. These are all kinds of gatherings which are organised in order to enhance productivity, strengthen relationships and build a brand . These events can be of different sizes and vary in terms of activities, duration and locations.

2) So how do I plan an MICE event successfully ?

The first step of planning a successful MICE is to come up with an elaborate idea for your company’s business program . This will help you finalise the number of sessions, duration , date and time of each session etc., You should also read through your chosen venue’s terms and conditions like maximum attendees limit, cancellation policy etc, before you book it.

3) How much does a MICE event cost

The cost of a MICE venue depends on a lot of things like the amount of people you plan to invite, food and drink arrangements , entertainment etc., These additional expenses can add up pretty quickly, so make sure that you keep a decent budget for your event.

4) How do I find a MICE venue?

Finding a suitable MICE venue depends on various factors including the number of attendees, duration of the event, type of activities required etc., But there are certain parameters which you should definitely consider before finalising or booking any venue. So, ask yourself these questions-
a) Is parking available nearby?
b) What are surrounding attractions ?
c) What all facilities are provided by the venue ?
d) How much time is allotted for each activity ?
e) Ample space for each activity ?
f) Are there any other providers like catering , decorators etc. on site?
g) Do they provide proper security if needed ?
h) What is the accommodation options available nearby ?

4) How do I market my MICE Event?

The best way to get clients for your company is by marketing it properly. So, come up with creative strategies that will attract more people to your events management business . For example , you must have social media accounts for this purpose so start working on them right away ! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms for MICE event planning tips because they can reach literally millions of people in a matter of minutes. Besides these online platforms, you should also create pamphlets or flyers and distribute them in the nearby vicinity. This will help you gain a good amount of footfall .

5) How can I create a buzz about my MICE events?

Creating a buzz is another important step of an event management business . If people don’t know that your company is organising something, they definitely won’t take interest in attending it! So make sure that you publicise the information properly and reach as many people as possible. You could even come up with Facebook posts or tweet details on Twitter to gain more interactions .

6) Have a Captivating Event Title:

Most of us remember events by their catchy titles like “The Big Game” so coming up with an attractive title will help everyone remember your even better. So, do some brainstorming and come up with something that will be remembered by everyone.

7) Make it fun:

This is one tip that everyone forgets while planning an event but it’s very important. We always prefer socialising with people who can make us laugh, so do try to add something funny in your events management business program which will in turn give every attendee a good time!

8) How much time should I give between two MICE Event Sessions?

A quick break in between sessions gives people enough time to stretch, refresh themselves and even participate in light conversations. The usual amount of time that you must allow is at least 20 minutes or 1 hour for major conferences .

9) Can I organise a team building exercise instead of an MICE event ?

All kinds of events help in strengthening relationships , but to do this effectively you must have a proper plan for making people work together . You can organise a team building exercise for this purpose by focusing on a concept of “uplifting” and “motivating” your employees .

10) What is the difference between an incentive, conference and a meeting ?

Incentives are promotional events that encourage certain positive behaviors from employees or customers. On the other hand , conferences are all about disseminating information to large groups of people through speeches, panel discussions etc., Whereas meetings help in improving productivity by getting everyone together under one roof. So choose the type of MICE event according to your business’s requirement !

11) How can I make my MICE even more successful?

Invite a panel of speakers your audience would want to hear and reserve a nice location so that they may be enticed to attend. Hire an engaging emcee to host your event,  To achieve success with your MICE event, gather input from all of your attendees. Immediately after the event, ask them to complete a survey or send them invites in order to learn more about their opinions. This will assist you in improving your services!

12) How can I socialise my MICE Event?

You should also include a socialising activity in each of your seminars and conferences because relaxed networking is what helps people build long term relationships. You could even organise a team building session before the main day to motivate employees. After all , bringing everyone under one roof does help you gain more interactions!

13) Entertainment for MICE event:

You must also consider the entertainment factor while planning an event. We all know how important it is to maintain a great atmosphere during events, so be sure to provide sufficient breaks during seminars so that your attendees can enjoy themselves! This will help in improving their experience and they’ll definitely come back for more in the future.

14)  Planning your venue setup and floor plans

Crafting an exceptional event experience hinges on the intricate details of your venue layout. By perfecting your venue setup and floor plans, you create an inviting, organized, and accessible environment that captivates your guests, streamlines event operations, and leaves a lasting impression. Master the art of designing impeccable venue layouts and discover how it can elevate your event to unparalleled heights of success. Learn the essential tips on mastering venue set and floor plan design here