Religious Wedding in Phuket Thailand

The island paradise of Phuket is perhaps most famous for its tranquil blues and white sands, making it the choice destination for vacationers seeking relaxation.

Steeped in traditional Buddhist practices, and coupled with the locals’ charm and openness, Phuket really is the perfect spiritual respite for escapees of the modern world. Likewise, for couples seeking a truly spiritual union.

We offer religious wedding packages catered to any religious belief. From a chapel wedding overlooking the Andaman sea, to a colorful Buddhist wedding with your choice of Thai rituals or a Sikh wedding in the gurudwara – we can ensure you have a blessed event that truly celebrates your marriage of souls.

Religious weddings may be difficult to plan since they require different procedures. Luckily our wedding planner in Phuket who will make the process easier and flawless!

The first step is to decide on a date. Then advice us on the ceremony you prefer so we can plan the wedding around your religious ceremonies, as this may vary from group to group. In fact, it would be best if you already decided on your date long before planning even began or started searching for a wedding planner in Phuket.

“No two religious weddings are the same, so it’s important that you choose a date that fits in with religious ceremonies,” said our wedding planner in Phuket. For all religious ceremonies you require more than just a wedding planner in Phuket, of course! You’ll need to find religious venues/places conducive for religious ceremonies and also your outfits.

Unlike civil weddings religious marriage is more than just signing some papers and making vows to your partner. There are some religious ceremonies which require specific dates while others can be held almost anytime. The religious weddings are usually officiated by either religious officials or the couple’s religious leaders.

Normally religious marriages take place at religious venues or even in the local church/temple of the couple. These venues vary on their policies that our wedding planners in Phuket are fully aware of, so inquire ahead of time so we can book and arrange all the details for you.

Remember that religious weddings aren’t like civil ones; there is no minimum number on guests attending but on an average most couples invite around two hundred people for your big day. There may be specific dress codes for different events surrounding your religious ceremony and we can help you decorate around the theme of your choice.

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