11 Stage Design Ideas for Events You Didn’t Know About

Tired of the same old stage design? Here’s a list of fresh Stage Design Ideas. Create an impressive, unique and memorable show with these designs. Just be warned: once you see these, your inner director will demand a major stage revamp on your next time you are planning to do an  event!

Event Stage Design Ideas thailand


1) Pop Up Stage Design Ideas With Curtains

This cool idea is simple to do and can create a really nice effect. You start with a basic square stage which has curtains coming from the front, sides and back. At the right time, you make all of them come down at once giving everyone quite a surprise! It’s good for events where there are two acts who don’t want their performance style to clash or one special guest star needs an extra bit of attention.

2) Elevated Stage Design Ideas

Simple and effective, this elevated stage design gives a nice polished look to an event. The black platform is easy on the eye and makes all those who stand on it look very professional. You can set up seating in front or have standing room for an open audience as well as a backstage area for performers to get ready before they step on stage. Perhaps there’s a way to lift them from behind?

3) The Bridge Layout For Events

When you are looking for something very dramatic at events, put together your own bridge! This one features steps leading up to the middle where there is a small catwalk section which connects the two sides when needed. There are also different levels with platforms you can use for seating or just to have somewhere to put important props.

4) Acrylic Stage Design Ideas With Stairs

You’ll love the clean lines of this incredibly cool stage design idea. The idea is perfect for a corporate event using material like acrylic which looks great with the black stairs leading up to it and down from different levels. The color scheme makes it look very sleek and modern so this would be perfect for corporate events, fashion shows, award ceremonies or even a circus performance!

5) Dark Backdrop Stage Design Ideas for Events

If you are putting on an event that requires lots of darkness then take advantage of that by creating a backdrop like this one made using dark drapes. It’s got drama written all over it thanks to the red curtains combined with the black ones creating a stunning color contrast. The pillars at the back are also good for holding up equipment if you have some you need to place on stage.

6) Platformed Area with Stairs For Events

Stand out from other events by using this cool idea where there is a platform raised above everyone else with steps leading up to it so people can get onto it easily. There are also stairs coming down from its which are good for performers getting off or just as somewhere to put props. If you want, leave this part of the stage empty or cover it with drapes.

7) Slide Out Stage Design Ideas for Events

Does your event require an interesting way to bring performers onto the stage? Make use of these ramps! The paneling on them is perfect for putting the company logo or other graphics as well as having colorful lights to shine on it. You can also put some stairs at the end so people don’t have to slide all the way down.

8) Standing Stage Design Ideas for Events

If you want a simple yet elegant look, go with this cool idea which is perfect when there are plenty of people attending your event and little space to work with! It’s easy enough to set up by just using one square platform in front of seating/standing area and the step-like setup coming around it creates an ideal backdrop. Plus, everyone can see what’s going on clearly since they’re not too far away from the performance.

9) Zebra Striped High Stools for Events

If you’re looking for a sleek and classy way to decorate the stage area at your next event, then look no further than these! They have a very distinct design that many people will recognize being zebra-patterned plastic stools. You can create seating by putting them in rows (maybe facing one direction) and they’ll make an eye-catching addition to any type of event.

10) White & Black Acrylic Stage Design Ideas For Events

Get ready for lots of compliments when you use this cool stage design idea which is made from 3 different pieces of acrylic that fit together like a puzzle (nice and easy too). There’s plenty of space between them so people can walk around or put things on the different levels. The black and white design makes it sleek and modern so it will fit in perfectly at events!

11) Shapes Stage Design Ideas for Events

This cool stage design idea is created from different shapes that are put together to form a simple yet eye-catching backdrop. It’s perfect for children’s shows, award ceremonies or corporate events where you want something unique but not too complicated. Plus, each piece is easy to set up which means you won’t need a lot of assistants when getting everything ready.