Island Wedding in Phuket

Do you need a wedding planner in Phuket? Our wedding planners in Phuket can help you plan a dream wedding. Everyone desires for their wedding to be perfect, unique, and unforgettable and we are here assist you in organizing the specifics of your wedding day so it will be flawless and unrivaled

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We will take care of everything that is needed to make your wedding day perfect. Our wedding planner will help you plan and also provide wedding florist services and wedding decoration as well as the wedding cake bakery. You can choose from many different themes and options available.

Pre wedding preparations will include wedding invitation, wedding destination, wedding cake and wedding flowers and all the necessary arrangements leading up to the big day, you can decide early on how much time to allocate for us to help you with the wedding planning.

What about organising an island wedding?

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If you are planning to have an island wedding in Phuket our wedding planners will help you with all wedding arrangements. You can choose wedding destination Phuket or any other island. We will take all the wedding preparations off your hands to make you wedding day perfect, memorable and unforgettable.

We are experts in wedding planning for destination weddings – be it a wedding on an island or on a beach. Embarking upon this exotic journey with our wedding planners in Phuket, it will be the destination wedding of your dreams.

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Island wedding is very common these days with couples who want to get married by the sea. And why not an island wedding when the ocean is so beautiful and so many islands are scattered around the coastal line of Thailand.

Your wedding planner in Phuket will plan your wedding ceremony with wedding decoration, wedding florist services

There are many tropical wedding decorations that can be easily arranged by wedding planners, for this wedding style there are many themes you can choose from including island wedding

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Nestled in the Andaman Sea between Phuket and the Malay peninsula of Southern Thailand is a remarkable stretch of secluded islands, natural rock formations and marine waters known as Phang Nga Bay. A large part of the bay is protected under the Ao Phang Nga National Park and occupies a 400km2 area between Phuket and another popular Thai destination, Krabi island.

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Limestone cliffs with caves, archeological sites, and even a James Bond island are among the many attractions that make the Bay one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets. Choose to convene on any one of the 42 islands that comprises shallow marine waters and forested wetlands, a teeming habitat to an array of exotic wildlife and lush greenery.

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Among the small islands littered along the Bay, are Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, paradise enclaves on the Thai isle where you can hold a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony in the privacy of your party of loved ones.

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Bring your dream island wedding to life with us. Walk down an aisle lined with seashells, with the sand between your toes and the sea as your witness. Your perfect day is not unattainable – through our planners’ in-depth knowledge of the Bay and our affordable wedding packages on preferred islands, make your special day a truly magical event.