Projector Rental

We have high definition LED and TV screens for rental for various applications.

We provide an wide list of the latest technology in high resolution for Projectors, LED screens, video walls, HD & 4K TVs solutions for events, exhibitions in Thailand. With our Projector rental service, we can provide Projector screen for rent and Projector hire service in Bangkok. Our projector rental team has the latest Projectors including Panasonic digital projectors. They will help you to select an DLP or LCD Projection Screen which perfectly compliments your conference room and fit into your budget.

We have a wide selection of Projector rental equipment for both commercial and event use. All our products are available for placement orders or rental periods to meet your specific needs. Renting is particularly advantageous if you only need equipment occasionally – such as for business presentations at tradeshows, conventions etc., or conferences and seminars, weddings and special occasions such as Christmas parties!

We are the most professional team in Projector rental Thailand, our Projectors are high-quality and high-resolution. Projectors are usually used in large gatherings for presentations. Projector hire is perfect for events, conferences, seminars,

We have Projectors for hire in various sizes to suit your needs.

– We offer Projector rental for rent at affordable prices with the most high quality Projectors

– Rent a Projector that help you will get more audience or participant

– Rent a projector that many people can see video clearly and easy read contents of the projector

– Projectors come in all different shapes and sizes, whether it is short throw or long throw Projectors we have full range of Projectors suitable to meet every need.

Typically our Projector rentals start from 4 hours or above depending on type of Projector and Projector rental locations. All our Projectors Projector come with full Projector cabling and multiple inputs to hook up your Projectors projector or TV.

We provide free advice on which Projectors projector will work best for what you need, whether you are looking for business Projectors, home Projector projectors, Conference room Projections

We rent out high quality Business Projectors in various resolutions at affordable prices that suit every budget. Rent a Projector that makes your meeting more effective by providing clear presentations with sharp text and vivid colors. Rental of the latest DLP & LCD technology with short throw ratio provides smooth images from very close range / ceiling mount/ portable/ integrated media players available all cables required . All our Project Projectors Projector come with full Projector cabling and multiple inputs to hook up your Projectors projector or TV.

We have professional projects for hire:

– Epson Projector

– Panasonic Projector

– Sony Projector

– Hitachi Projector

– Casio Projector

– Viewsonic Projector

We also have 3D support for our projectors. We are able to wirelessly send the signal from your computer/laptop through to the projector & into an active 3D glasses kit.

LED Video Wall for Hire

High quality LED video wall is becoming increasingly popular because of its capacity to project high-resolution pictures and to adapt to a wide variety of venue designs. It’s a fantastic method to pique your audience’s interest and show event-related presentations and films.

Wall rental services are now common for big events where LED display is required. LED walls are utilized by event planners for the big screen at sporting events, live video streaming, music festivals, fashion shows, promotions and more. LED walls are continuing to be used in creative ways by event planners.

They may be tiled together and arranged in up to 5 – 20 meter configurations, giving them a lot of flexibility. A LED video wall is made of LED modules that are securely mounted on a frame or on hangers. The LED modules themselves can either be shipped flat (in which case they need to be unfolded by the event planner) or pre-assembled; this second option is more comfortable but results in additional costs.

The size of the display surface is determined by the number of pixels on it, and a pixel is either illuminated or not. LED displays can be divided into lots of categories, including full LED screens with integrated lighting sources, half screens with only one side lit, quarter screens and tenths of displays. These LED panels come with built-in illumination sources if used indoors, but external lighting equipment will be required to light them properly outdoors. Of course, LEDs in walls look fantastic during the day as well; however , when it comes to providing the best LED video wall rental experience, they shine brightest at night.

LED panels come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, so you can choose LED modules that are appropriate for your display requirements. LED tiles measuring 2 x 2 inches or 4 x 4 inches (5cmx 5 cm, 10cmx10 cm) may be used to make LED walls. Depending on the size and resolution of the LED screen, each LED panel weights between ten and twenty pounds. Instead of sticking with one style, try changing it up every now and then. LEDs can also be used to create dazzling displays.

The weight of LED panels rises with higher resolution displays, but that’s not the only thing that affects their weight; furthermore, it is impacted by its size. For example, bigger LCD screens for outdoor occasions need stronger frames than smaller ones for indoor events because they are exposed to weather conditions such as rain, heat, and cold. LED panels for outdoor uses also require additional LED lighting equipment and conductors, as well as certified water resistant LED controllers and LED displays.

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