Yacht Wedding Phuket Thailand

Surrounded by beautiful waters, Phuket’s location in the heart of the Andaman Sea makes it a Mecca for water-sports enthusiasts. On the West coast of the island lies the wide expanse of the blue seas, while on the East coast we have Phang Nga Bay, quiet unchartered waters for those seeking the excitement of the open waters.

Phuket Weddings and Events has designed wedding packages aboard a yacht for a truly one of a kind experience. Tie your knot amidst crystal clear waters, against a stunning backdrop of the sun in the horizon and beautiful limestone karsts that rise up from the water. This remarkable natural phenomenon can be seen in many places throughout the bay, making yachting along Phang Nga a really magical experience. Moving southwards, and dotted along the bay, be amazed by little islands with secluded white beaches with waters in all shades of greens and blues.

Choose from a variety of luxury yachts for your wedding event. We have wedding and party packages abroad various luxury yachts, each offering preferential rates for our clients. With access to most of the finest private yachts available in the region, and 30 years of experience in the yachting and event planning industries, we look forward to an opportunity in creating your perfect yacht wedding or party. We also offer great proposing solutions to your love one, Our expertise lies in customizing wedding packages to suit any budget, without compromising your dream wedding.

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